Upgraded Flow extruder

PN: CB4D-AS-500
EAN: 5999566805639

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The new Flow Filament Extruder is here to elevate your 3D printing to a next 
level! Using innovative technology, our engineers worked hard to bring you a 
filament extruder to keep up with your 3D printing desires. With this reliable, 
durable, low maintenance extruder that is fully compatible with your Flow 
generation 3D printers, you can finally unleash all your creativity without the 
need for compromise.

Key features
• Supported filament: 1.75mm
• Dual Drive
• Bigger filament drive gear diameter
• Several smaller teeth grip the filament, hence not cutting deeply into it
• Printing flexible filaments made easy by adjustable clamping force
• Filament pushing force: 15kg+
• Compatible with the original Flow extruder and fan
• Low maintenance, easy to clean (don’t even have to disassemble!) 
• Abrasive filaments are no longer an issue thanks to a resistant filament 
• Backlash free planetary gearbox
• Separated gearbox

• Dimensions: 75mm x 67mm x 42mm
• Weight: 222 grams

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