Craftbot Flow Idex White

PN: CB4D-EU-001
EAN: 5999566802331

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Craftbot Flow IDEX:

-          Dual extruder with all-metal hotends (up to 300C)

-          IDEX system for duplicate, mirror, dual filament or support mode

-          Automatic mesh bed levelling

-          Removable heated  and flexible bed for best adhesion, exceptional finishes and easy removal

-          Raspberry PI is the engine of the HMI - enables more flexible developments

-          Variety of filament capability (PLA, PVA, TPU, ABS and PETG, Carbon Fibre and Nylon)

-          Print volume of 425x250x250 / 17,7 x 9,8 x 9,8"

-          Enclosure is available as an add on

-          5 year warranty or 5000 hours

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